Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Hot and Humid Summers are what we get in Wisconsin most years. That means air conditioners are working to keep you cool and comfortable both during the day and when you sleep at night. Very few events can keep you from a good night sleep like a home with a broken air conditioning unit.

Preventative maintenance is essential to decreasing the likelihood that you will spend Summer nights sleepless and stressed out. Just as with our cars regular maintenance makes owning an air conditioning system a better experience. Like with automobiles, small issues will often lead to larger problems if left unaddressed for too long. As well all know larger problems typically result in more expensive repairs. Don’t let this become your story this summer!

Why else should regular maintenance done many clients ask? Along with maximizing system efficiency keeping manufacturer warranties valid is another top reason to have your air conditioning system tuned-up every year. Manufacturers can deny warranty claims if they are aware of lack of maintenance. Preventative Maintenance tune ups also can uncover if improved filtration or UV sterilization systems can help your air conditioning system perform better due to improved Indoor Air Quality.

At Van’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, our certified technicians will provide you a full system evaluation each time you have a tune up performed. Each tune up includes a safety inspection to ensure other parts of your system have not become unsafe for operation and potentially giving you much needed time to address future repairs.

Schedule your air conditioning maintenance tune up today to ensure you are keeping your air conditioning energy costs low, helping to maximize the life of your air conditioner, and maximizing performance and comfort.